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Please Note:
There will be a temporary disruption in the field while drainage is installed and to the entrances while improvements are made. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Work is due to begin on Monday 12th Nov and may last for 3 weeks.

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We are pleased to report that we have received half of the funding required for the path project which entails first installing drainage then tarmac paths.

We are very grateful to Viridor Credits for this.

We have applied for further funding to complete the project and if successful this will be carried out next spring.


With regards from the Friends of Whitecotes Playing Field.


  •  Pictures of the Picnic in the Park opening event which include our Chairman Keith Falconer, the Mayor of Chesterfield Stuart Brittain along with the Mayoress and leader of the Borough Council Cllr Tricia Gilby
  •  The Aurora choir provided entertainment
  •  Many of those who attended the event pedalled their way to a refreshing drink on the Smoothie Bike run by Community Lifestyle Officer with fruit provided by Tesco



 Picture of the recently donated seat with the inscription “Enjoy the View” an ideal spot for this seat

Friends of Whitecotes Playing Field

Annual General Meeting Minutes


Held at Potters Place on Wednesday 1 August 2018

The new playground and sports areas are now completed so we hope they will be enjoyed by all.
We apologise for the delay in giving details of the proposed paths but it is only now after considerable consultation and negotiation with the Council that we have been able to finalise these. They have been rather complicated due to the necessity for tackling the need for drainage and the choice of paths has been curtailed by the long-term cost for the Council having to maintain them. 
The new diagram shows the planned paths which we hope to install later in the year if we are successful in gaining the funding currently being applied for.
All the following paths will be tarmacked:
  •        Path A from Hazel Drive to the cemetery gate.
  •        Path B  from where it joins A to the first seat (unfortunately we are unable to continue it to Whitecotes Close).
  •        Path C  across the corner from Hucklow Av to Whitecotes  Park.
Path D will be a stone path from the cemetery gate to the tarmacked path within the cemetery --we are awaiting a decision about having it Tarmacked as well.
Path E will be a Ryegrass path above double drains between which will be exceptionally effective drainage material stretching from the depression near the playground right down to Grindlow Av.
Paths A and B will also be single drained and hopefully solve the flooding problem at the cemetery gate. 
With best wishes from the Friends of Whitecotes. 

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